Suppressing Fedora NetworkManager’s prompt to connect to WPA Enterprise wireless networks

This seems to be an unsolved bug (#982429) still under discussion. Many give temporary solutions that modify the corresponding ifcfg-* file and specify the password, possibly in plaintext form. Some suggest encrypting the password using wpa_passphrase ESSID command. The problematic network here is “nyu” of the New York University. Every time I turned on my laptop on the campus, it prompts with a dialog (though the password is actually stored) for me to click the “Connect” button, which is annoying. However, the encryption method does not work as far as I am concerned with Fedora 20. So I just followed the plaintext way to produce a temporary fix for that::

# cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
# vim ifcfg-nyu

Comment or remove the following line:


Create a new file named keys-nyu in this directory with your password:


Don’t forget to make it read-writable by root only:

# chmod 600 keys-nyu

Then restart your network interface associated with “nyu”::

# ifdown nyu
# ifup nyu

Then, the wireless network should work as expected. Try to logout or reboot to see if it surely works.